Vuolasvirta No. 804 2011 was awarded to Zinnia's kennel

Collies have been belonging to my life almost my whole life. I was 6-years old when my parents decided to buy a dog to reduce the dog fear of us children. So one day a sable collie bitch Ella came to us, whom we children named as Satu.


Satu had a litter in 1972, and from this litter a bitch Niittykasteen Berezina was left home and from this dog the actual breeding of Niittykasteen kennel started.

I got my own collie when I was 16 years old, a sable bitch Niittykasteen Belinda and after a half year I got my second collie bitch Niittykasteen Daniela as a Christmas present.

Niittykasteen Belinda

Daniela was the beginning of my own breeding and my first litter was born 6.5.1982, the father tricolour male Niittykasteen Elvis was chosen by my mother and me.

Niittykasteen Elvis                       Niittykasteen Dabiela

My dream was to get an own stud dog and then I heard of Steadlyn kennel in Sweden and to my delight a litter was born there and I was able to buy a lovely tricolour male Steadlyn Devil-Deserter.

Steadlyn Devil-Deserter

Later I brought to Finland several beautiful dogs from this kennel and these dogs have had a big effect on the breeding of Zinnia's kennel. I'm very grateful to Anja (Steadwyn kennel) and Mia Ejerstad (Steadlyn kennel) that they have trusted so many beautiful colllies to my hands..

In 1985 the real "pearl" of the breed was born, i.e. Niittykasteen Sensaatio, I always remember when my mother called and told me on the phone that "now is the Sensation born" and this dog was a real sensation. Definitely one of the successful collies of Finland and this dog still affects also our collie breeding strongly. The dog of my life

Niittykasteen Sensaatio

Still today all these above mentioned collies are strongly in my breeding. I still want to breed very classic collie type with correct body length without forgetting both temperament and health.!
I want also to thank owners of my breeding that you have taken good care of my breeding and all the results that I have achieved are due to your excellent work, without you all this could not have been possible.

Zinnia's The Original